Over 40 Years manufacturing quality footwear

In the early nineteen seventies, after working in the footwear industry for many years, George Henry Warner founded G.H.Warner Footwear. The company has seen many changes in fashion, design, materials, sourcing, sales channels and manufacturing processes over the course of its history, and is constantly evolving to keep up with the latest trends and footwear technology.
Based in Essex, just north of London, G.H. Warner is still run by the Warner family.

We offer quality sports footwear produced under our own brand and 'own label' brands for top high street retailers.
In addition, we have a portfolio of footwear brands and licences and a flourishing e-commerce division.
From design, distribution, styling and quality management through to customer service we pride ourselves on ensuring that we give the best quality and value to our customers.

Ruby Shoo
Jocee & Gee
COLOKO Bring out your Bright Side -Summer 19
Pullman Boot Company
Ipanema Flip Flops
Mercury Sports Footwear



Ruby Shoo​

Conceived in 2010 by our talented designer Samantha Lines, Ruby Shoo is the go-to brand for the woman who wants on-trend style with a vintage twist.

We have matching shoes and handbags for all occasions, from a day at the office or a girls' lunch to a glittering party or elegant wedding, and the brand is growing in popularity worldwide.


Jocee & Gee

Unusual shoes take you to unusual places!

This was the case for George 'Gee' Warner.
Inheriting from his father a love and understanding of the shoe industry, and a passion for producing quality footwear, Gee made many a business trip to exotic locations from the 1960s onwards, accompanied by his wife, Jocee.

The far-flung corners of the world revealed skilled shoe makers; craftspeople with a passion to equal his own; who hand-cut and worked quality leathers with care and attention to detail. Gee dreamed of creating a range of elegant, stylish and practical women’s shoes, crafted from beautiful premium hand-cut leathers, for the UK market.

Today, Gee’s ideas, efforts and insight have come to fruition, with the launch of the Jocee and Gee Spring/Summer 2018 Collection - a range of carefully selected women’s shoes that offers unique styling, alongside practical design and comfort.

Shaped on the last by hand, using exquisite and meticulously chosen leathers, the Jocee and Gee collection offers a range of flats, wedges, sandals and open toe shoe-boots, with a focus on design, comfort and originality, for the modern woman who wants something special and superbly wearable to complement her busy lifestyle.

Available Spring Summer 2018

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Rakish Heels

First launched in 2008, and now welcomed under the GH Warner umbrella with revived interest, Rakish Heels is an experimental and creative brand, producing contemporary, comfortable ladies’ footwear with an emphasis on heels, including innovative removable heel covers, for a "two in one" option.
Inspired by the curiosities and wit of the more rakish elements of Victorian Britain, Rakish Heels is not just about the shoes, but also how you wear them.

Coming Soon – Please contact us to register your interest and receiving updates about the relaunch of this exciting brand.


Pullman Boot Company

1954. As one of the world's most influential cities, London, bouncing back from the effects of war, flourishes in the financial backstreets. Smog filled alleys bustle with gents sporting smart suits, bowler hats and, of course, classic city shoes. The Pullman Boot company established itself by identifying with city gents’ desire for a comfortable and hard-wearing travel boot.


Mercury Sports

The Mercury brand produces product-led sports footwear at an affordable price. Tailored towards own label with custom designs, incorporating our customers’ styling, branding and colour choices, Mercury has an excellent reputation for offering quality and value.

We also carry in season stock under the Mercury and MX2 brands. Please contact us for information on stock styles currently available.



Ipanema, Rider & Grendha

Apart from our portfolio of brands we have also had the pleasure of being the UK distributors for the Brazilian Group, Grendene.

Whilst this distribution has now ceased we do have stocks available which can be purchased and an advantageous price, giving fantastic margins for retailers. Please get in touch for the latest information on stock availability.

The Ipanema, Rider and Grendha trademarks are registered marks of Grendene, Brazil.


Our shoes and accessories can be found at many of your high street retailers.
They can also be purchased online at the following online stores.




www.rakishheels.com (coming soon)



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